Europe Travel Tip - Packing List

Feb 13, 2012 09:44:04 EST

Trying to remember everything you have to do and pack before leaving for a vacation can be stressful. Grab a pack of index cards and make a packing list for different types of vacations and trips you might take. This could include cruises, day-trips to the beach or a cottage, bike trips, and longer vacations. You can also make a card for things you need to do before you leave, such as water the plants, go to the bank, or turn down the air conditioning. Knowing that you have everything taken care of before your trip puts your mind at ease!



Europe Travel Tip - Pack Light

Feb 13, 2012 09:26:50 EST

Packing light can be difficult, but it is also important to do when traveling for an extended amount of time. Try picking out two to three colors to mix and match. That way you can pack fewer shoes and save space. You can also pack different accessories like scarves, jewelry, and ties to mix up your outfits!



Europe Travel Tip - Duct Tape

Dec 29, 2011 09:20:07 EST

It's common knowledge that duct tape is great for emergency travel needs, but who wants to lug around a roll in their suitcase? Try wrapping a few feet onto a pencil or pen and you will instantly have a mini roll of duct tape that doesn't take up extra space in your luggage, and is ready to use when you need it!



Europe Travel Tip - The Flying Bib

Dec 14, 2011 14:28:45 EST

Use the airline's blanket as a huge napkin to cover your clothes when you're eating on a plane. You will be protected when turbulence causes sudden spills.



Europe Travel Tip - Bungee Cords

Nov 17, 2011 12:55:31 EST

Bungee cords make versatile travel accessories. They come in handy at the airport for lashing a duffel bag to a wheeled suitcase. They can be hooked together and used as a clothesline. They even hold your pants up if you misplace your belt.



Europe Travel Tip - Shaky Alarm

Nov 17, 2011 12:37:24 EST

Do you have trouble hearing your alarm clock? Do you stare at the ceiling all night prior to an early flight in fear of oversleeping? Try an alarm clock that vibrates or use the vibrate feature on your cell phone. Clip it to your pillow or place it on a hard surface near your bed, where its rattling will definitely get your attention. Be sure that your phone is fully charged.



Europe Travel Tip - Receipt Receptacle

Oct 26, 2011 10:00:09 EDT

The credit-card-size envelope that holds an electronic hotel key is a great place to stash travel receipts. It fits in a shirt pocket, and it's sturdy enough to last the whole trip without tearing.



Europe Travel Tip - Trick Up Your Sleeve

Jul 27, 2011 10:00:37 EDT

As you take off your jacket or sweater, grab one end of your scarf and hold on to it. Once the garment is off, you'll find that the scarf has been threaded through the sleeve. Since the scarf isn't loose, it's less likely to fall off and get left behind.



Europe Travel Tip - Mingling is Fun

Jul 13, 2011 10:00:37 EDT

If you're on a tour with several friends or family members, try not to sit together at every meal, at every event, and on every bus. Split up and get to know the other people on the tour. You'll have a better time if you engage your fellow travelers, and there'll be more interesting stories to hear than if you always insist on sitting with your own little group.

Europe Travel Tip - Seat-Back Bag

Jun 29, 2011 10:00:10 EDT

When you fly, pack your crosswords, pens, gum, magazines, or any other items to which you will want to access during the flight in a small, durable plastic bag like the kind you get at bookstores. The bag is easy to lift out of your carry-on, and it fits right into the airplane seat pocket. You will have everything at your fingertips, and nothing will disappear into the depths of the pocket.