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OUR EUROPE TOURS FOR 2023                                                                                                 

11-day    Christmas Markets of Austria & Germany
14-day    Paris, Tuscany & Rome
15-day    Germany, Austria, Switzerland
15-day    Treasures of Italy
15-day    Spain & Portugal
15-day    HEART OF EUROPE® Circle 
16-day    Heart of the British Isles
16-day    World War II Memorial
16-day    Capitals of Central Europe 
17-day    Scandinavia & Baltic Highlights
22-day    HEART OF EUROPE® Grand

Summer and Fall departures still available (dates vary with tour)


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Have you ever wished to travel to Europe, but with a specific purpose in mind? If you’re inspired by history, particularly that of World War II, Image Tours' World War II Memorial Tour may just be your golden ticket.

In 16 days, you will cover a total of six countries. You will be fully immersed in the poignant history of the Second World War. This is your chance to discover some of the most essential aspects of the war while still taking time to marvel at the surrounding landscapes and enjoy the culinary delights of Europe.  Let’s zoom in on some of the historical and cultural highlights of the tour:


Your tour begins with an impactful visit of Nuremberg, the ideological capital of the Nazi Party. This prominent German city is famously known as the site of the Nuremberg Rallies. You will have the chance to explore the Rally Grounds, the Congress Hall and finally, the Palace of Justice where Nazi Party members were put on trial for their heinous war crimes.

But it’s not enough to merely concentrate on the culmination and destruction of the Nazi Party, which is why a visit to Dachau Concentration Camp is included in your tour. This was the very first concentration camp erected by Nazi Germany. Liberated by U.S. forces in April of 1945, the camp was then used to detain SS soldiers awaiting trial. These visits to Nuremberg and Dachau pack an emotional punch. You can be certain to add them to your list of unforgettable travel experiences.


Later on in the tour, you will discover the subterranean side of World War II at Fort Hackenberg. Located in France’s Lorraine region near the border of Germany, Fort Hackenberg — the largest of the Maginot Line fortifications—is an immense underground fort constructed by the French after WWI to defend future German invasion. Its subterranean galleries span over 10 kilometers and are accessible by mini rail. A guided tour provides visual insight into the history and structure of the fort, including a one-mile train ride to the operational Gun Turret at Block 9. At Block 8, you will hear an explanation of how the fort came under German occupancy and the Americans, led by Patton, regained control in November 1944.


Another highlight of your tour involves a trip to the Normandy Landing Beaches. Site of the largest seaborne invasion in history, D-Day marked a major turning point in the war and set the stage for Allied victory. A vast, open expanse of gray-blue coastline, the Omaha and Utah Beaches and the Arromanches will take you back in time to the events that left permanent footprints in the sand.


What is a European trip without time for relaxation and contemplation? During your tour, you will get to enjoy boat cruises along the Rhine River as well as Amsterdam’s famous canals. These scenic cruises will allow you to soak in some of the most enchanting landscapes, riverside town waterfronts, and architecture in all of Europe.

As you enjoy the passing scenery, you may find yourself daydreaming about all of your experiences so far, and imagining what the next few days will have in store…


What better way to wind down your tour than in the ville de l’amour? Create lasting memories on the streets of Montmartre, where you will spend one of the final nights of your tour. The winding, cobbled streets of the 18th arrondissement will tease your artistic senses. Climb to the summit and explore the Sacré Cœur Basilica and take in the view from above. Then make the descent into the heart of this Bohemian paradise, where the likes of Van Gogh, Monet and Jean Cocteau once resided. You may wish to get your portrait drawn by a local caricature artist. At the end of the day, indulge in classic French cuisine at an outdoor bistrot. And don’t forget to sip on a wine from Clos de Montmartre, Montmartre’s very own vineyard!

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Travel Requirements

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Please find our latest information on Vaccination and other Travel Requirements under the FAQ section Travel Requirements & Prep

A Mike Kasmauskis Memoir

Sep 23, 2022 03:15:00 EDT

Ever dreamed of taking a trip to Europe? I remember my first journey “across the pond.” Like it was yesterday in fact, even though it was just over 30 years ago.

It was the most amazing experience...the colorful canal houses in Amsterdam...windmills standing in the peaceful farmland of the Netherlands...magical medieval walls and towers in the village of Rothenburg, Germany...scenery to take your breath away and tasty Apple Strudel in Austria...wandering the ruins in Rome...and my very first glimpse of Paris in all its perfection.

You could say it laid the foundation for my career and lifelong passion for European travel.

My father-in-law Roelof Postmaa, Jr. took over Image Tours, the family business, from his father (who launched it in Amsterdam all the way back in 1939!) Monique, my bride and the daughter of Roelof Jr, took me on a grand tour through the heart of Europe, visiting the sights on our most popular tour, to give me a better idea of what her family heritage was all about.

Not long after that trip, I left my production management job to join my wife in the inspiring business of making travel dreams come true on tours of Europe. I learned so much from that journey and have returned many, many times since … I never stop learning or seeing different amazing aspects of Europe. And that’s what I want to share with you today—all my secret tips and time-tested advice for planning your perfect European adventure.

Because the choices you make at home before you ever step on the plane will make or break your vacation.

What do I mean?  I’ll show you—

You basically have two choices for your tour of Europe: 

                 ~ You can take a DIY approach and go it alone, from booking your airfare, finding accommodations, and arranging travel between countries, or—

                 ~  You can take a guided tour.

And here’s why I think that’s the most important decision you’ll make…  Let me tell you a story.

It’s probably not surprising that when my family and I travel to Europe, we usually go with one of our company’s guided tours. But in the Spring of 2016, we decided to visit Spain on our own, just Monique, our children, and I...doing it “our way” for a change. I thought it would be a great way to enjoy some independent exploration, travel at our own pace.

But here’s the thing—

When we got to Ronda, in the Province of Malaga, I realized that I really, really missed having a guide to explain the town’s significance...point us to sites we should have visited but missed—because we just didn’t know where to go or how to prioritize our time. We missed all the interesting details that bring a city to life—  Yes, we saw the Plaza de Toros but we didn’t take the time to see the marvelous artwork by Picasso and the photos by Ernest Hemingway in the Museo Taurino there—because we didn’t know. And we’re experienced European travelers!

What I guess I’m saying is that—especially for first-time visitors—having someone to guide your exploration and prioritize your time is far more important than you’d imagine. And that’s before you even consider all the other potential issues...

-              Navigating Eurail or renting a car to drive between destinations. (How many times do want to listen to the GPS say . . . “Recalculating” . . .)

-              Learning the finer points of public transportation in European capitals.

-              Figuring out exactly what type of hotel you’re getting when you book on your own (European star ratings are so different from what we’re used to!)

-              Overcoming the language barrier in places where English isn’t readily spoken.

-              Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency or mishap.

For my money—and I say this as someone who’s visited Europe multiple times—there’s really no substitute for a guided tour. Of course, the next most important decision you’ll make is your itinerary...nailing down the details of your perfect trip.

At Image Tours, we approach destinations and itineraries in four ways:

-              A “highlights” tour, where you get to taste a little bit of everything. Our Heart of Europe® Grand Tour is a perfect example of this: 8 countries, 25 cities, 22 days.

-             A “themed” tour, where you explore a connected series of places with special significance. Our World War II Memorial Tour is a good example: A 16-day excursion to the major battle sites, war museums and memorials, and places of historical or cultural significance related to the war.  (The favorite tour of my father-in-law).

-              A “cosmopolitan” tour, which gives you more time to really get to know a few major international cities. That’s exactly what we do on our popular 15-day Spain & Portugal Tour.

-             A “deep dive” tour, where we spend all our time really getting to know one particular country or area. Our Treasures of Italy Tour devotes 15 full days to exploring all the cultural and historical sights in every region of Italy, from fashionable Milan in the north to the Tuscan countryside and all the delights of Rome.

 I want to point out that none of our tours is shorter than 11 days—and there are actually good reasons for that. First of all, you really can’t “do” Europe in much less than that, especially on your first visit—unless you’re OK with missing some of the things you really want to see, regretting the things you didn’t have time to visit— And not really having that “once in a lifetime” vacation a trip to Europe really ought to be.

 Second of all, it makes good financial sense to spread the cost of your airline ticket over a longer period of time—to “leverage” your airfare, if you will, by staying an extra week or two.

So you see… your Europe vacation really comes down to three big decisions:

-              Guided or DIY.

-              A highlights-type tour or a deep-dive into a country that interests you.

-              The length of time you plan to stay.

Once you’ve nailed down those decisions, your dream European tour is closer to becoming a reality than ever before. Want to know more about planning a tour or the best places to see? Just head to this page to request a brochure:


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Our 11-day Christmas Markets tour features Austria & Germany departs Monday November 28, 2022 and returns Thursday December 8. 

If you are still interested in going in 2022, book NOW with your agent!

A peek at the German Town of Rüdesheim, a stop on several of our tours

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Venice, Italy and the Swiss Alps

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Travelers on our HEART OF EUROPE® Circle tour of the year returned home a few days ago. The Swiss Alps and Venice, Italy are two of the most memorable places you can see on this tour … here are a few “sights and sounds!”

Monique in Nuremberg, Germany

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Kitzbühel, Austria : An Adorable Alpine Village

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Image Tours' general manager Monique Kasmauskis gives you a glimpse into Kitzbühel, an adorable Tyrolean resort town nestled in the Austrian Alps.
Known for its winter activities and incredible scenery, Kitzbühel is a real gem. It is one of the Alpine Villages we use frequently on our tours!

Monique is at Heidelberg Castle in Germany - 2022

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Our General Manager, Monique Kasmauskis, is in Heidelberg, Germany ... one of the first stops on our signature HEART OF EUROPE® Circle Tour.