****  PRESS RELEASE  ****

Grand Rapids, Michigan     December 4, 2023


Over the next two years, Patrick and Beth McIntyre are acquiring Image Tours from Monique and Mike Kasmauskis. The purchase was initiated on December 1, 2023.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1939, Grand Rapids, MI based Image Tours offers escorted European tours with a dedication to providing Superior Value with a Personal Touch. “This has been a family company since its founding, and while we are not part of the founding family, we are excited to continue running Image Tours as a family owned and operated business”, said Patrick McIntyre who is transitioning into the President and General Manager roles for the company.

Monique Kasmauskis wishes to convey, “Mike and I feel confident passing the torch onto Patrick and Beth McIntyre to provide leadership and strategic implementations which will preserve the quality and authenticity of the product while also making improvements throughout the operation.”

Monique and Mike will remain involved in the operations of the business as the sale process will be completed in November of 2025 ensuring a smooth and effective transition to the McIntyres. Beth’s career focus has been in advertising and marketing at an advertising agency in Chicago and as owner of a retail business in Traverse City. Patrick has an extensive background in the travel industry as he grew up in the family that founded, owned, and operated Passageways Travel in Traverse City, MI, and then worked at the travel agency from 2005 through April of 2012 in a variety of leadership roles. Since 2012 Patrick has owned and operated Management Reporting Services, a consulting and data management company that operates in the travel industry.

“Beth and I are committed to living up to the standards set by Monique, Mike, and everyone that’s part of the Image Tours team both now and into the future”, stated Patrick McIntyre. The business plans to continue operations in its current location with the same team of staff as it enters this next phase of leadership.