Transferring between LGA and JFK - Second Experience

Jul 25, 2012 09:17:37 EDT


At the end of January, my business associate and I traveled on different domestic schedules in order to see both sides of the connecting New York experience.

Similar to my departure, my return was equally pleasant. After passing through passport control, collecting my luggage and going through customs, I exited into JFK Terminal 4 where informational kiosks and airport staff were waiting. I was immediately assisted by an airport staff member who promptly found the “Airporter” representative. The shuttle to LGA arrived within 5 minutes, and again, my luggage was loaded for me and we were on our way. I was at the Continental check-in area at LGA within 25 minutes of leaving JFK. My layover on the return was only scheduled to be 3 hours. Although I was a little anxious about this due to the fact that I had to go through passport control, get my luggage and go through customs – it was absolutely fine!  Even with standing at the luggage carousel for 20 minutes waiting for the bags to be unloaded I still had plenty of time to get from JFK to LGA, check-in for my flight, get a cup of coffee, watch a little airport CNN and be at my gate for my domestic flights with time to spare.

After I was all settled, I met up with my business associate asked about her second experience transferring within JFK…

Transferring between LGA and JFK - Is Transferring within JFK Better?

Jul 11, 2012 10:07:39 EDT

At the end of January, my business associate and I traveled on different domestic schedules in order to see both sides of the connecting New York experience.My business associate had domestic flights that brought her directly into JFK to connect to Singapore Airlines 

My business associate arrived into Terminal 3 at JFK and then had to get to Terminal 4. Her transfer, although only with her carry-on bag, took her the same amount of time as my transfer took but required a great deal of walking including stairs, escalators, circuitous corridors and confusion . . .wondering “am I going the right way?”

After we arrived at our destination, my business associate and I then compared our experience and decided to do it once more on our returning flights and see who would feel more comfortable with the transfers. The following blog post will entail more of my returning experience filled with the anxiousness and comfort I felt due to the wonderful service the LGA/JFK transfer service provided…

Transferring between LGA and JFK – Departure

Jun 28, 2012 09:29:16 EDT

At the end of January, my business associate and I traveled on different domestic schedules in order to see both sides of the connecting New York experience.


I had domestic flights that required a transfer between LGA (Laguardia) and JFK to connect to Singapore Airlines. My business associate had a domestic flight connecting directly into JFK.


Upon my arrival into LGA I figured I had a little time to spare since it usually takes some time for the luggage to come out - so I took my time in the terminal and went to the bathroom and stopped into the “Au Bon Pain” deli to grab a sandwich to eat en route to JFK.  From the terminal, I took an escalator down and was immediately at the baggage claim area. Upon reaching the baggage claim – only 15 minutes after disembarking from the plane – the luggage was already completely unloaded and the carousel had already been cleared!!!  I simply grabbed my bag from the Continental baggage office (only a few steps away) and was happily on my way.  Within 100 feet of the baggage claim was a kind gentleman assisting with transfer services.  I told him I needed the shuttle to JFK and he promptly found the “Airporter” representative to assist me on the next shuttle.  The shuttle arrived within 10 minutes (it operates every 20-30 minutes).  The cost was $12.50 (payable by cash or credit card). The driver was courteous and promptly took my heavy suitcase to load for me. He asked where I needed to go at JFK and I told him I needed to go to Singapore airlines. The transfer took 25 minutes – he dropped off some other passengers first at another terminal and then brought me to Terminal 4. Upon entering Terminal 4 I was within 200 feet of the Singapore airlines check-in counter. In total it took me just under 1 hour from domestic flight disembarkation at LGA to Singapore Airlines check-in counter at JFK and I did very minimal walking to get where I needed to go.


Terminal 4 at JFK has a host of restaurants and shops to help pass the time.  There are also places to just sit at a table and relax while you wait for the Singapore check-in counter to open or to wait before proceeding to the gate. The Singapore check-in counter opens about 4 hours prior to the flight departure.


As we checked in for our Singapore Airlines flights, it felt good to have my suitcase with me so that I knew it would be on the international flight. My travel companion felt less confident about her suitcase which was hopefully being transferred by the domestic carrier to Singapore Airlines.


Wondering about my travel companion’s experience? Wait for the upcoming blog post…

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