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Passion Play Hotels - On Location 10 of 10

Posted by Editor3
24 Dec 2009 11:09 AM

Hotel Rooms

Continuing on the topic of European hotel customs, I wanted to address some of the differences in relation to bedding and windows. European bed linens often consist of a duvet, or down-filled comforter encased by a removable cover, which is folded and placed on top of your bed. The duvet is intended to be sufficient on its own, and you won’t find an additional top sheet to use under the duvet. Some travelers find this uncomfortable in warmer weather, but it is easy to pack light sheet in your suitcase to remedy the problem.

In double rooms, the European ‘twin’ bed is often two beds made up separately, placed side by side and sharing the same headboard. In some of the hotels, it may not be possible to request separate twin beds. Both of these customs can easily be seen in the corresponding picture. If I had been traveling with someone, the other side of the bed would have also been prepped with a duvet.

Another difference in European hotel rooms that routinely comes up is that of climate control. Air conditioning and window screens are not as common as they are in the United States – in fact, I would suggest that you not expect air conditioning in the German or Austrian hotels. Even if a/c is available, many Europeans follow a calendar of when they turn on or turn off their units according to the ‘typical’ warm season. This means that it is possible that even if a hotel is equipped with a/c, it may not be available in guest rooms during a spring or autumn heat-wave.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the intricacies and excitement surrounding the Passion Play 2010. Although there may be many differences in customs between American and European countries, this definitely does not detract from the wonderful experience of the Passion Play. If you would like to learn more about the Passion Play or receive additional European travel information, follow this link to receive a FREE brochure and further travel information by mail.

Passion Play 2010 Tips - On Location 9 of 10

Posted by Editor3
17 Dec 2009 11:04 AM

European Bathroom

Perhaps a silly entry topic, but I often hear from travelers after their return about the different customs related to hotel rooms, toilets, and bathrooms. Sometimes people are even quite upset by the differences. At Image Tours, we try to provide as much information as possible in our tour preparation details to avoid surprises. Here are just a couple of bathroom customs that might take some getting used to for American travelers:

  • European hotels typically do not provide washcloths, nor do they have bar soap. You will typically find your bathroom equipped with bath and shower gel, sometimes even with a nice dispenser in the shower. To scrub and clean yourself effectively I suggest traveling with a ‘bath-poof’ or loofah that you can easily stash in a plastic bag for quick packing.
  • When searching for a public restroom, be prepared to pay! Some restrooms have attendants whose job it is to keep the bathroom clean and orderly, it is expected that you will leave a few coins or about € 0.30 - € 0.50 cents. Some public toilets even have locks or turnstiles that will require coins just to enter. Although not the most pleasant thing to deal with when nature calls, it is simply the way it is in Europe, so enjoy the experience!

Escorted Passion Play Tours - On Location 8 of 10

Posted by Editor3
10 Dec 2009 03:01 PM

Friends in Austria

One of my greatest joys of travel is meeting the locals and talking with them about life, customs, and culture.  I encourage every traveler – especially internationally – to strike up conversations with locals during their international travels. Pictured here is ‘Herbert der Bauer’- or ‘Herbert the farmer.’

I met Herbert and several of his pals during a stay in an Austrian mountain village not far from the German border.  Although an advantage for me is the ability to speak German, so much can be shared and enjoyed even with a language barrier.  I learned that Herbert had a nice farm nearby with about 20 dairy cows and I would be well cared for if I had wished to become his farm bride!  As smitten as I was with the surroundings, I couldn’t accept Herbert’s kind offer!

Passion Play 2010 Tours - On Location 7 of 10

Posted by Editor3
03 Dec 2009 09:53 AM


The part of Jesus, as well as the other main characters such as Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, Judas, John, etc... are split between two actors. Imagine the time and dedication necessary for these actors from May until October!! Fortunately, these main characters have their own private dressing rooms.

In the picture to the left, you see the Crown of Thorns as well as the nails used during the crucifixion scene. The theatrical process of nailing Christ to the cross requires great care and attention to detail. Once the character of Jesus is lifted onto the cross, his only support is the small curve of the foot and hand nails which provide the illusion of nails piercing his hands and feet, but actually are very precarious and uncomfortable ‘pins’ on which for him to balance.

Passion Play Tour Information - On Location 6 of 10

Posted by Editor3
26 Nov 2009 04:29 PM


As part of my visit to the Passion Play theater, I toured backstage to view the dressing rooms and costume displays. Germans are stereotypically well-organized and thorough. This generalization was surely proven correct as I toured backstage. Each actor, costume, and prop has their place, and the dressing rooms are well accommodated to ensure proper attention to detail for all the participating actors and actresses.  I was struck by the beautifully vibrant colors, the painstaking details, and the care which was obviously given to each costume and stage prop, You can see what I am talking about in the picture to the left of beautifully crafted coats of feathers.


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