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5 Reasons Europe Is Best When You’re an Empty Nester

Posted by Mike Kasmauskis
28 Sep 2017 09:10 AM

People have lots of emotions when that last child leaves the nest. And not all of them are bad, by the way.

Many people find a lot of advantages in the Empty Nester lifestyle. In fact theres more freedom to come and go, more time to do the things they enjoy, and often, more money to spend on guilty pleasures and postponed plans like bucket-list travels.

If you’re an empty nester who has put off personal dreams for the needs of your kids, there’s something you should know.

Now is the perfect time to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe.

Here are five reasons why it’s going to be better than you ever imagined, now that you’re on your own.

You Choose Your Own Travel Priorities

5 Reasons Europe Is Best When You’re an Empty Nester

If you’re used to taking trips with your kids, you are probably used to skipping the galleries and museums that tug at your soul because you know your kids won’t enjoy them.

You probably pretended you weren’t really interested in that botanical garden anyway, just to avoid a squabble.

As an empty nester in Europe, however, all that’s about to change.

Want to spend a day Toledo, Spain admiring the Cathedral and Synagogue followed by a sipping Sangria at a sidewalk café? Does your dream tour of Spain include hours spent wandering the Prado Museum.

Exploring the fascinating grounds of the Granada Alhambra, free from the mutters of “Can we leave now?”

If you’re an empty nester traveler, that dream is your reality. You can visit every single World War II memorial and battlefield that captures your interest without constantly worrying that your children are bored.

And if you’re doing the Big Three (Paris, London, and Rome), you can check off all those bucket-list sights you’ve only ever read about until now.

Think of the places you can visit; Notre Dame, the Louvre, Sacre Coeur, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, the British Museum, the Tate, Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza Navona (the list goes on and on).

You’ve got all the time in the world to see things your way.

In fact, the travel advantages start before you even leave home. Imagine being able to choose an itinerary based around the cities and countries you and your partner really want to see.

If you’d rather skip the more traditional European hotspots in favor of a deep dive into the glorious countryside of the British Isles, it’s your choice.

You shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty about skipping the tourist attractions if you want.

Enjoy the Most Unusual and Delectable International Cuisine


5 Reasons Europe Is Best When You’re an Empty Nester

Let’s face it, traveling, especially internationally, with kids often means looking for restaurants that serve boring American cuisine like burgers and chicken nuggets.

You may even find yourself lunching at McDonald’s when your kids turn up their noses at that charming fish and chips place on the Thames you want to try. That’s a tragedy when you’ve waited for years for your dream trip to Europe.

Traveling without kids, however, means you don’t have to account for their picky appetites. You can enjoy long, leisurely meals in true Italian style, as course after course—the primo, the secondo, the contorno, and the dolce—arrives at your table.

If you’re lucky enough to find a tour of a lovely Tuscan winery or sample a sip at a Munich biergarten—all the better. When you’re an empty nester, the sky is the limit when it comes to enjoying international cuisine.

Of course, you can’t overlook the sheer pleasure of waking up early and launching your day with nothing but a croissant and coffee.

Children need three squares a day, but you’re free to eat what you want when you want. And if that’s a bite on the go so you don’t miss a moment exploring, there’s no one to whimper, “I’m hungry.”

Best of all, perhaps, is that you can order even the most unusual dishes—think morcilla (blood sausage) in Spain, escargot (snails) in France, or gerookte paling (smoked eel) in Holland, for example. No one at the table will pull a face and call you weird.

Just one more reason it’s not so bad to travel without your kids.

Slow or Fast, the Pace of Your Tour Is up to You

5 Reasons Europe Is Best When You’re an Empty Nester

Remember what is was like taking your children to the zoo? They could dawdle for hours at the monkey enclosure laughing at their antics, but they’d rush right by the exotic birds you love to watch without even a passing glance.

They were in charge of the pace.

As an empty nester in Europe, however, nothing is further from the truth. Imagine you’re on a guided tour of European capitals on the day you’re exploring Berlin. In just one day, you might—

  • Visit the Reichstag and marvel at the huge glass dome.
  • Walk through the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Take your picture at Checkpoint Charlie.
  • Explore the bombed tower of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.
  • Meander through the Kurfurstendamm and do a little shopping
  • Tour the Jewish Museum and the Topography of Terror—or any of Berlin’s amazing museums.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at the Restaurant Hof Zwei or other swanky inn.

There’s no space in that itinerary for dawdling or naps, something you have to consider traveling with kids.

And when that romantic dinner runs late in the night? Well, there’s no curfew for empty nesters. You can even go dancing in the moonlight when you’re done if it catches your fancy.

Your Schedule Is More Flexible Without School to Consider


Empty nesters aren’t bound by the rigid schedules of children in school, when the only acceptable times to travel are winter break and summer vacation. Which are not the best times for visiting Europe, truth be told.

Of course, you could take two weeks in summer to visit Italy with the kids, but you’d have hot weather, large crowds, and higher airfare. You might even squeeze in a trip to London over Christmas break, if you don’t mind cold, wet weather and a crush of holiday shoppers.

Europe is really at its finest when most children are in school.

Springtime in Paris is the stuff of Hollywood love stories and Frank Sinatra songs. The cherry blossoms explode over the Ile de la Cite and the magnificent chestnut groves along the Champs Elysees erupt with sweetly scented flowers.

Holland is especially colorful at Tulip Time in April and early May, when the fields are bursting with colorful flowers.

And there’s nothing like autumn in Tuscany with its magnificent colors and fabulous weather. It’s the season of festivals and celebrating the harvest.

Truffles and porcini mushrooms, lush sweet grapes, and rich black olives and fresh-pressed oil are abundant in fall, making it the best time to visit for gastronomes.

When you’re an empty nester on vacation, you don’t have to miss a thing and you can stay as long as you like.

Even a three-week grand tour of the Heart of Europe® is possible.

You Can Spend More Money on Yourself for a Change

covent garden europe tour

Be honest, when you travel with kids, about 90% of your vacation budget is consumed on keeping them happy. Theme park tickets, silly souvenirs, and $6 sodas add up fast when you go to Disneyland.

As an empty nester, however, you can spoil yourself for a change.

Treat yourself to an opera in Vienna at the Vienna State Opera House followed by a luxurious dinner with fine wine and a sumptuous slice of sachertorte slathered in chocolate ganache.

Buy that one-of-a-kind Murano glass sculpture you can set on your mantle at home to remind you forever of your dream tour of Europe.

Take in the cabaret in Paris, a flamenco dance in Spain, a fado performance in Portugal or a theater production in London.

If you’re on a guided tour, go ahead and book that optional excursion to visit the Linderhof Palace in Bavaria or enjoy a Tyrolean Show. Marvel over the crown jewels in the Tower of London, glide along in a riverboat cruise on the Seine, or listen to a fascinating explanations of Pompeii.

Buy yourself something fabulous from a fashion house on the Rue Saint Honore or the Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris. Have your portrait drawn at the Tuileries outside the Louvre. Purchase a painting from a sidewalk artist or gallery.

Indulge your interests and, visit a vineyard, tour a sherry bodega, or learn how Waterford Crystal is made.

Treat your European tour like the once-in-a-lifetime adventure it is and enjoy every minute with yourself as the star. That’s something only an empty nester can do.

Final Thoughts…

Europe is always a marvelous place to travel, with or without your family.

But empty nesters have the advantage. You can make it the trip you’ve always imagined and see everything you’ve always wanted to see. And you’ll have lovely memories to share with your kids once you get home (and maybe even a box of exquisite chocolates, too).

If you’re ready to plan your empty-nester European tour of a lifetime, get in touch today. Why not spend Paris in spring next year?

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Posted by Mike Kasmauskis
25 Sep 2017 11:58 AM

Ever wish you could go backpacking through Europe without the backpacking part? It’s possible to see the most magnificent places throughout the Old Continent with transportation and lodgings provided—all you have to do is go!

Here is the ideal itinerary for 22 days in Europe to see the ultimate sights:


Day 1: There’s nothing like that first sight of Europe as you come through the clouds during your descent.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

The moment you’ve been waiting for for months and months has finally arrived! Your international flight to Europe is about to touch down in Holland.

But let’s talk about preparing for this moment. Make sure to pack the appropriate clothing, shoes, electronics, toiletries, etc., before heading to Europe for three weeks. Travel insurance is always a good idea. Your tour operator will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have before heading out on your European extravaganza!


Day 2: Travel through Holland’s charming countryside, most of which is at or below sea-level.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Your first full day in Europe begins with a drive through the Dutch Lowlands. Because the majority of the Dutch countryside is at or below sea level, you will see many dikes, canals, and windmills throughout the idyllic landscape.

Your stay in Holland will introduce you to the Dutch “gezelligheid,” a kind, convivial, comfortable feeling, which you will experience in the days ahead.


Day 3: Take a deep-dive into Dutch life during your day-trip to Delft.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

It’s all about the canals, cafes, and ceramics during your day-trip to Delft! As you walk through the picturesque streets, medieval architecture is everywhere you look. Corner cafes offering Dutch pancakes lure you in with their sweet scents. Be sure to stop and admire the charming canals that wind their way through the city.

In any store you go in, you’re all but sure to find the famous blue Delftware pottery. Pick some up for your dining room at home to always remember your time spent in Delft.


Day 4: “Lunching” Belgian-style includes sampling their world-famous waffles.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Head to Antwerp, Belgium today. Arrive in Antwerp for a full day of very different activities. On the way, sYou may want to stop atby the Margraten American Military Cemetery for an important and, which is an incredibly important and emotional experience. The graves of over 8,000 American servicemen from World War II are here. Pay your respects to the men who fought for liberty and justice for all.


Day 5: Glide through Germany aboard a pleasure boat on the Rhine River.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Willkommen in Deutschland! Welcome to Germany! And what a welcome indeed—you’ll board a boat to ride down the Rhine River. Your voyage takes you by quaint villages, medieval fortresses, and hillside vineyards known for their distinctive wines.

The village of Heidelberg and its castle exude the spirit of Germany. Explore the Old Town and be transported back in time to the days of knights and squires.


Day 6: Feel as if you’ve entered a fairytale in romantic Rothenberg.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Nothing can compare to the romantic hamlet of Rothenberg. This Medieval village seriously looks like it is straight out of a story book. Walk the cobblestone streets, hear the sounds of the bell tower, and stop in the many shops, including Käthe Wohlfahrt’s Weihnachtsdorf where it’s Christmas year-round.

The Medieval Criminal Museum is a must. Learn about the different devices of torture and tools of punishment from more draconian times before lightening things up as you travel on the Romantic Road (one of the Top 10 Road Trips in Europe!).


Day 7: You can’t leave Germany without observing Oktoberfest!

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Even if you aren’t in Germany at the end of September (when Oktoberfest is celebrated), you can still enjoy the experience of drinking German beer and eating schnitzel to your heart’s content. The Hofbräuhaus is a one of a kind beer hall where the celebration of Oktoberfest goes on all year long. Be sure to try the traditional foods and hoppy beers during your visit.


Day 8: Austria’s Innsbruck ignites inspiration with its incredible mountain vistas.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Austria’s Innsbruck is one of those European cities you will fall in love with. The Imperial City (as it’s known) has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, has great skiing, and is an architectural beauty thanks to Maximilian I, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1493 to 1519.

Be sure to check out the Bavarian Palace or Tyrolean Show and Dinner to get immersed in Innsbruck’s culture.


Day 9: Experience a subtropical climate while traipsing through the Dolomites.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

On the other side of the Alps lies Italy, a country full of history, culture, and good food (and wine!). In the north lies Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake. Amidst the Dolomites, its sheltered location gives the area a subtropical climate rich in vegetation, including oleander bushes, olive groves, fruit trees, and grapevines.

Stroll along the lakefront and stop in the various shops and cafes for tasty treats. Gelato (Italian ice cream) is a wonderful way to cool off on a warm summer’s day.


Day 10: Venture around the Venetian canals, appreciating architecture along the way.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Italy’s city on the water has so much more to offer than just gondola rides. While those are fun and an absolute must while visiting, there is also St. Mark’s Square that includes St. Mark’s Basilica and the Clock Tower that can be explored on foot. Venice is a vibrant city with many restaurants, stores, and churches welcoming you to stop and admire their architecture.

A special Venetian Dinner can be arranged in a small courtyard, complete with wine and dessert! You don’t want to miss out on all that Venice has to offer.


Day 11: Cruise through the charming countryside of Italy en route to Rome.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

While today is primarily a “travel day,” no time is wasted as you wander through the hillside of Italy. Vineyards and olive groves sprawl across the tranquil landscape. Your journey takes you on the Autostrada del Sol (Highway of the Sun).

Consider during your trip the excitement that is to be had in Rome. What foods do you want to try? What wine do you want to sample? What historical landmark are you just dying to see?


Day 12: When in Rome, there’s more to see than just the Colosseum (although that’s a must!).

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Ah, Roma. The city is full of hustle and bustle while at the same time being incredibly ancient and historical. So many sites are waiting to be seen here. The Colosseum, of course, is a must. The Pantheon dates back to the 2nd Century AD, and while it used to be a temple, these days it serves as a church. And no trip to Rome would be complete without a stop by Trevi Fountain to make a wish.

The Vatican and Sistine Chapel are also essentials when in Rome. Be sure to check out Michelangelo’s famous art on the ceiling of the church.


Day 13: Roam through Italy’s capital city in search of authentic, delicious dishes.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Today is yours in Rome. If there are any sites you’ve yet to see, take time to go by them today. Another option? Eat and drink your heart out—well, not literally, but hey, you’re on vacation!

Try popular Roman dishes like spaghetti alla carbonara and bucatini all’amatriciana. Or sip a cappuccino at the Spanish Steps. And you can never go wrong with trying any of Italy’s wines.


Day 14: Time to take a picture of you holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Be honest, you know you want to get a picture that looks like you are holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. While a bit cheesy, it’s a must if you’re in Italy!

After a stop there, head into Florence in the heart of Tuscany. Enjoy a guided walking tour of the various piazzas (town squares) complete with countless sculptures and architectural masterpieces. Shopping is fantastic in Florence—markets full of leather goods and jewelry at Ponte Vecchio Bridge never disappoint.


Day 15: Lovely Lake Lugano is lush with lavish and luxurious lifestyles.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Can you believe there are palm trees just across the Swiss border? At Lake Lugano, you can take a picture with both palm trees and mountains in the background. The town of Lugano is known for its international banking and tourist industry. The affluent vacation here during their summer holiday.

Architecturally, the town is Italian, but is within Swiss borders. You’ll enjoy walking through the “Rio de Janeiro of the Old Continent” on your first day in Switzerland.


Day 16: Lucerne offers memorable mountain views and spectacular shopping.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Surrounding Lucerne and its lake of the same name are many mountains, including the mighty Rigi, Stanserhorn, and Pilatus. But if the breathtaking views aren’t enough to make Lucerne a must on your European “bucket list,” perhaps the shopping and swiss chocolate will take it to the next level.

Swiss lace, watches, and wood-carved music boxes are all superb souvenirs to take home to loved ones (or keep for yourself!). But what must be enjoyed in the here-and-now is the delectable Swiss-chocolate. Grab a cup of hot chocolate (better than Swiss-Miss, I promise!) while you gaze at the gorgeous mountain-filled horizon.


Day 17: Say “bonjour” to Beaune, a medieval town in France’s Burgundy wine region.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

For your first day in France, spend some time in Beaune, a well-preserved medieval town in the French countryside. Burgundy is famous for its wines, which you can taste during an independent dinner.

During the day, you will enjoy visiting the Hospices Museum. Once a hospital during the 15th Century, these buildings now house items used in the hospital during the Middle Ages as well as a collection of furniture, paintings, pottery, and tapestries.


Day 18: Paris holds the key to an amazing history, visible in its art, architecture, and many museums.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

If there was ever a city to see, it’s Paris. The romance, the architecture, the art—the City of Light has it all. And an amazing place to see the whole city? Montmartre. On top of the hill sits Sacre-Couer Basilica, meaning Church of the Sacred Heart. If you look away from the church, you have a fabulous view of the entire city.

Choose to have dinner Parisian-style in a French bistro. Indulge in French wines, savory meals, and decadent desserts.


Day 19: Capture the many highlights of the “City of Light.”

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

One of the best ways to get up close and personal with Paris is a scenic Seine River Cruise. The Seine is renowned for being incredibly romantic—many movies have filmed famous scenes along its banks.

On the cruise, you’ll see Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and many other famous historical sites. Be sure to stop in the Louvre for Classical artwork or Musee de Orsay for more modern pieces, like those of Claude Monet.


Day 20: Travel through the Tunnel to your last city on this tour—London.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Can you believe you’re already headed to your final city of the tour? The weeks have just flown. Take the “Tunnel” train, which goes under the English Channel, from Paris to London in less than three hours.

Once there, hit all of the famous London landmarks such as Big Ben, Hyde Park, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalgar Square. London is a fantastic mix of the old and new.


Day 21: Hop aboard a double-decker bus to go wherever your heart desires.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

Today is your day to explore London as you’d like. Maybe you’re into shopping and are just dying to go to Harrod’s for floors and floors of stores! Or perhaps you’re enthralled by the idea of seeing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. Piccadilly Square has a “Times Square” feel to it if you’re more into exciting nightlife.

However you choose to spend your day, be sure to soak in every second as its your last full day in Europe.


Day 22: Farewell to Europe—what a joyful journey.

22 Days in Europe: The Ultimate Sights

After a roaring trip through Europe, it’s time to embark on a plane towards home. Relive your trip on your flight with all of the pictures you took. Make sure to journal about your experience so that you’ll never forget it. Postcards make for great souvenirs—they forever capture the spectacular sights you saw and can easily be picked up in the airport.


Ready to pack your bags?

Can you see yourself experiencing the excitement of Europe? Get in touch today to start planning the trip of a lifetime.


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