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Walking Tour of Munich

Aug 09, 2016 11:59:41 EDT
Want to see all the popular sites of this German city? Then check out this great article to go on a fantastic walking tour of Munich!Munich -  Beer server at Das Festhaus in Munich during the second day of the Octoberfest celebration - Rick & Maria Sumrak  5185 Queen Bishop Lane  Williamsburg, VA  23185 Sep 17, 2006

Why travel agents continue to add value

Aug 02, 2016 15:00:48 EDT
At Image Tours we highly recommend using a travel agent when planning an international trip. The following is an article that clearly explains the "Six Reasons Travel Agents are Back". As far as we are concerned they never "left".  Travel Agents have always helped to match up the type of clients that most appreciate all the benefits that go along with Escorted Europe Tours.  Travel agents have always and continue to add value and inform clients of all the possibilities of traveling abroad so they are a more informed consumer before leaving the country on their trip.  We strongly encourage you to use our Travel Agent Locator which will allow you to find an agent near you that has gone through informational training about our tours.   Those agents in the Travel Agent Locator understand our tours more than any other agents you may call.   Please do not hesitate to Request a Europe Brochure before continuing on to the article, and by doing so we will connect you with a travel agent that has our Europe Brochures in stock and ready to send out locally so you receive the brochure faster.   [Read More]Joe Pic