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Europe Travel Tip - Postcards

Feb 13, 2012 10:02:01 EST

Finding places in foreign countries when you are not familiar with the language can be difficult. Next time you travel, buy postcards of the places you want to see. An English description is usually found on the back. You can show the picture to locals or your taxi driver and they can help you get there.



Europe Travel Tip - Packing List

Feb 13, 2012 09:44:04 EST

Trying to remember everything you have to do and pack before leaving for a vacation can be stressful. Grab a pack of index cards and make a packing list for different types of vacations and trips you might take. This could include cruises, day-trips to the beach or a cottage, bike trips, and longer vacations. You can also make a card for things you need to do before you leave, such as water the plants, go to the bank, or turn down the air conditioning. Knowing that you have everything taken care of before your trip puts your mind at ease!



Europe Travel Tip - Pack Light

Feb 13, 2012 09:26:50 EST

Packing light can be difficult, but it is also important to do when traveling for an extended amount of time. Try picking out two to three colors to mix and match. That way you can pack fewer shoes and save space. You can also pack different accessories like scarves, jewelry, and ties to mix up your outfits!