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Passion Play Tour Information - On Location 6 of 10

Posted by Editor3
26 Nov 2009 04:29 PM


As part of my visit to the Passion Play theater, I toured backstage to view the dressing rooms and costume displays. Germans are stereotypically well-organized and thorough. This generalization was surely proven correct as I toured backstage. Each actor, costume, and prop has their place, and the dressing rooms are well accommodated to ensure proper attention to detail for all the participating actors and actresses.  I was struck by the beautifully vibrant colors, the painstaking details, and the care which was obviously given to each costume and stage prop, You can see what I am talking about in the picture to the left of beautifully crafted coats of feathers.

Oberammergau Passion Play Tours - On Location 5 of 10

Posted by Editor3
24 Nov 2009 04:28 PM


Local or regional history in the U.S. dating older than 300 years is difficult to come by and yet the tradition of the Passion Play in the communities of the Ammergau Alps region and specifically Oberammergau, is older than 450 years!

Many people assume that the inhabitants of Oberammergau are all devoutly religious and it is for this reason that the Passion Play tradition continues.  However, this is quite contrary to the truth.  Europe has gone through a major decline in church attendance in the past 50 years and many Europeans, as do many Americans, question their faith. With this said, one might ask why they continue the Passion Play tradition.  Surely it’s not because they believe that the Black Plague will return as punishment for the discontinued 1633 pledge of their forefathers!

I think many would agree that the tradition of the Passion Play continues because of the tradition itself. But, perhaps more profoundly, there is something in all of us that finds comfort and peace in the story of a man from Nazareth named Jesus Christ.

Passion Play Travel - On Location 4 of 10

Posted by Editor3
12 Nov 2009 01:00 PM


From the vantage point of the stage you can see again that there isn’t a bad or obstructed view in the theatre. The floor is also well sloped to avoid straining over heads in front of you!Center stage is quite deep, but this functions as storage for the sets and props necessary for such a large production. Oberammergau also hosts other theatrical events in the years it is not preparing for the Passion Play. You can see from the previous entry’s photo that the stage is also very wide and provides for many entrance and exit points for the hundreds of actors who participate in the Passion Play – thus allowing for quick scene changes and a seamless theatrical flow.

Heart of Europe® Circle Tour on Sale

Posted by Editor3
10 Nov 2009 02:24 PM

Rome Colosseum
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Passion Play 2010 - On Location 3 of 10

Posted by Editor3
05 Nov 2009 12:46 PM

OberammergauInside the Passion Play Theatre, I took a tour guided by Martin Weber, who doubles as a local woodcarver and who has participated in several Passion plays during his life in Oberammergau. I was very impressed with the simple yet well thought out structure of the theatre. I honestly believe there isn’t a bad seat in the place. As you can see, the stage is exposed but the seating remains covered. I suppose those in the first rows of seats may be susceptible to the elements, but I would advise all spectators to dress comfortably and with layers in order to keep comfortable during the almost 6 hour long production!


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