Creating a Partner Web Page

Follow the instructions below to create a partner Web page with Image Tours. The Web page will feature Image Tours Escorted Europe Tours with your agencies information. Here are some partner Web pages that agents have recently created: All About Travel, Custom Travel, DGW Specialties, Travel Concepts International

1. To create a partner Web page go to and click the "Start Here" button.

2. Fill out your agencies information and login information. Your username will be your email and password of your choosing.

3. Click Create New CoBranding Account .

4. A window should open titled Welcome to the Image Tours Agent CoBranding Portal . The link to your Web page should be listed with your special CoBranding ID number in place of the '0000'. Use this ID number in the next page to link your CoBranding site to your homepage

5. To view your Web page, just click the link "View CoBranding Site". To edit your Web page, click the link "Edit CoBranding Site". It is a good idea to edit your Web page at this time since it only contains basic information about your agency. Step 6 walks you through the steps to edit your page.

6. To edit your partner Web page, follow the instructions below. Just click on the scroll bar.

7. If you ever need to go back to your Web page to edit information, just go to and log-in.

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