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Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 7 Most Beautiful Cities

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 7 Most Beautiful Cities

Guided tours of Europe are wonderful for learning more about history and culture, making friends, and sampling interesting local cuisines. They’re also great for filling your photo album with amazing pictures of your travels.

We put together our list of the seven most breathtaking cities in Europe—you’d be hard-pressed to snap a bad photo no matter where you are in these gorgeous destinations. Check it out and let us know in the comments which city you’re most looking forward to visiting!


Notre Dame in Paris is wonderful, but there’s nothing like Sacre Coeur crowning the hills of Montmartre.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 7 Most Beautiful Cities

The Basilica at Sacre Coeur is the second-most visited site in Paris, its dazzling white domes perched atop the summit of Montmartre. It was built in the late 19th century and consecrated in 1919; the Blessed Sacrament has been on continual display there since 1885, even before the basilica was completed. You can climb the 270 steps to the top for the most amazing panoramic views of Paris down below—or take the funicular and enjoy the ride!


London by night is like a carpet of jewels from the gallery of the Shard.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

The Shard lives up to its jagged-sounding name, breaking into the sky like a piece of glass. Its 11,000 glass panels have a total area of over 600,000 square feet! Take a few photos of the exterior from down below and then ride to the top to see the incredible views of London down below. It’s said that, on a clear day, you can see 40 miles in any direction from the viewing platform!


The Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg are absolutely mesmerizing.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

A 17th-century palace built by a prince for his beloved—what could be more romantic? Is it any surprise that its lavish Marble Hall is considered one of the most beautiful wedding halls in the world? The Baroque Mirabell Gardens were featured in “The Sound of Music” when Maria and the children sang “Do-Re-Mi” in front of the Pegasus Fountain.


Prague Castle is fit for a fairytale princess.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

The whole city of Prague looks as if it were lifted from a fairytale—and Prague Castle is the pinnacle of this charming capital city. The castle complex has been around since the 9th century, and today it serves as the office of the president of the Czech Republic. Prague Castle is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest castle in the world: At over 750,000 square feet, it’s over twice the size of Edinburgh Castle.


There’s nothing like the Royal Palace in Amsterdam’s Dam Square.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

Dam Square dates back to the 13th century and it’s packed with gorgeous historic buildings and monuments. But the Royal Palace is a definite must-see—it’s open for visitors year-round (unless the Dutch Royal Family are in residence). During the summer months, you might find a carnival or street performers entertaining the crowds.


Mark Twain called the Lion of Lucerne “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.”

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

You might be surprised to find Lucerne on our list of most beautiful cities, but it’s a must-see if you’re visiting Switzerland. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps, with serene Lake Lucerne stretching endlessly from the Chapel Bridge, this is a city worthy of a camera. But don’t miss the Lion of Lucerne, an unusually moving tribute to the country’s fallen soldiers.


Watch the sun set over the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero Square.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

You can’t do Paris without gazing at the Eiffel Tower, but our favorite view of this iconic monument is from Trocadero Square at sunset. Trocadero is a mecca of museums and galleries—a wonderful place to while away an afternoon in Paris. But when the sun sets, make sure you have your camera, because you won’t want to miss the marvelous views.


Don’t miss even one of the 30 Baroque statues that line Prague’s Charles Bridge.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

One of the great things about traveling as an empty-nester is that you can take your time to really enjoy every unusual sight that interests you and catches your eye. That’s how we feel about the incredible statues that line the ancient Charles Bridge. The bridge itself dates back to the 14th century, and the impressive statues of saints were added over the years. Don’t miss the Statue of St. John of Nepomuk and the sculpture group of St. Lutgarde (although each of 30 deserves a good look, quite honestly).


A cruise along Amsterdam’s tree-lined canals is a little taste of heaven.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

Amsterdam’s canal ring was originally created to drain the swamps around the city, and later they served as protection as Amsterdam grew in power. Today, however, they’re recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there’s nothing quite as lovely as cruising along on a boat tour admiring the charming 17th and 18th-century homes and buildings on your visit to Amsterdam.


Salzburg Fortress stands sentinel over the city—as it has for a thousand years.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

There’s a sense of history in Europe that you don’t get in the New World, and Salzburg’s Hohensalzburg Fortress is a prime example. Dating back to Austria’s medieval period, the fortress is one of the oldest and large preserved castle complexes in Europe. Take the funicular to the top of the hill for amazing views of this gorgeous city.


Walk in the footsteps of kings and queens at Westminster Abbey.

Europe in Pictures: A Photo Journal of the 6 Most Beautiful Cities

What can you say about Westminster Abbey? You just have to see it for yourself. This is the place where Britain’s kings and queens received their crowns since 1066, the final resting place of luminaries such as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, and 17 British monarchs. It’s also the site of the most captivating royal weddings—raise your hand if you watched Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot. If you’re visiting London, you definitely need to see Westminster Abbey.


Ready to book your own European adventure?

If you’d love to visit these gems of the Old World and fill your photo album with unforgettable memories, we’d love to help you plan your trip. Get in touch today and learn more about our Heart of Europe tours that take you to some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

There are so many good reasons to travel, especially when you’re 50 and over. It broadens your horizons and opens up opportunities to discover and explore new interests and passions. It keeps you active and even expands your social circle.

Escorted travel vacations are even better. You can let go of the details and really immerse yourself in the experience.

If you’re thinking of planning a vacation this year, check out these excellent reasons to consider an escorted tour.


It’s easy to find friends and travel companions when you tour with a group.

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

Whether you’re traveling solo or as a pair, having new like-minded companions enriches the experience—and you’re sure to find someone who shares your interests in your tour group.

Even if you’re on the shy side, it’s easy to make travel friends. Offer to take a fellow traveler’s photo in front of the Trevi Fountain, for example, or invite someone to share an espresso at a sidewalk cafe. Once you get the conversation going, you’ll find you have lots to talk about on your journey.


Less time planning, and more time enjoying your trip.

Let’s face it, a lot of planning goes into getting the details lined up for a multi-city tour of Europe. Booking your plane ticket is the easy part—then you’ve got airport transfers, hotels, meals, transportation, and hardest of all, putting together a functional itinerary so you don’t miss the important sights.

Escorted tours take all the work out of planning your trip. You simply select a tour that best suits your destination interests and let your travel provider take care of all the details. It really couldn’t be easier.


No need to spend months learning essential travel phrases in a foreign language (or two).

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

Language barriers can cause real difficulties when you’re traveling in a foreign country. It’s hard to make restaurant reservations, understand the public transportation system, or even shop for souvenirs if you’re unable to communicate.

On an escorted tour, language isn’t an issue. Your tour manager is fluent in English and the native language, and he or she acts as your go-between so you’re never at a loss for words. Even better, tour managers are usually local and they understand the local customs and etiquette, so you’ll avoid embarrassing miscues.

Of course, if you want to learn a little tourist lingo, it never hurts—and it may actually endear you to the locals.


There’s safety in numbers.

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

Every major city has great places to explore…and not-so-great ones.

When you’re on an escorted tour, you’ll never accidentally find yourself in a place you don’t want to be. And when you’re traveling in a group, you’re less vulnerable to the petty crimes that invariably happen on crowded city streets.


A tour manager handles all the details and any unexpected issues that come up.

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

Little mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere…a lost wallet, for example, or a twisted ankle.

When you’re on vacation in a foreign country, it’s hard to know where to turn. On an escorted tour, your tour manager is there for the unexpected things.

And not just for surprises, either. Your tour manager can handle special meal requests, help you find the perfect gift to take home for your grandson, make advanced entrance reservations to avoid waiting in long lines and arrange one of those lovely travel excursions you can finally enjoy when you’re an empty-nester.


No need to drive or mess with public transportation—you get a private chauffeur-driven vehicle to take you around.

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

Some people find it exhilarating to navigate a new city using buses and trains, and others…not so much. If the thought of planning your vacation around the public transportation schedule in Paris leaves you cold, you’re in luck.

On an escorted tour, transportation is taken care of—with a comfortable, air-conditioned, chauffeur-driven vehicle. It’s your vacation, on your time, in perfect comfort.


Budgeting is a breeze when just about everything’s included in your package.

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your entire trip will cost (more or less) before you ever board the plane? When you plan your own European tour, budgeting is a bit of a challenge—you’re nickel-and-dimed to death with taxi fare, tips, meals, and tickets to events and monuments.

On an escorted tour, it’s all accounted for in your tour price—right down to meals and restaurant tips. Of course, you still have your personal incidentals, refreshments, lunches, and activities during the free time on your itinerary, but it’s virtually an all-inclusive deal.


A professionally arranged itinerary means you won’t miss any important landmarks and attractions.

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

If you want to visit several cities on your European vacation, you’re going to have to do a lot of work to make sure you have time to see all the major attractions in each.

You’ll need to know train schedules between cities, public transportation schedules in each city, plus the hours of all the attractions you’re interested in—and then plan out a highly detailed itinerary to make sure you’re always in the right place at the right time.

Why waste your effort when the travel professionals have done all the legwork for you? Escorted tour operators have everything down to a science. They know how long it takes to get from place to place, and the most efficient way to organize your day around the attractions you most want to see. How else could you see 23 different World War II Memorial sites in Europe in just 17 days, for example?


Who wants to mess with moving luggage from place to place?

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

European capitals are really “walking” cities—and that’s great when you want to sightsee and explore. Not so much when you’re shuffling your luggage from the airport to the train station to the hotel.

Many first-time visitors to Europe are unpleasantly surprised at just how much walking with luggage is involved on their vacation.

Escorted tours to the rescue again! With an escorted tour, you’re met at the airport when you first arrive, and from the first moment to the last, your luggage is taken care of. It’s at your hotel when you arrive each night, and loaded into your coach for you each morning when you’re ready to leave, allowing you to be “hands-free” while sightseeing.


Why risk winding up in a bad restaurant for dinner?

10 Reasons Escorted Tours Are Great for the 50+ Traveler

If there’s one thing that can really ruin a good day of vacation, it’s a really bad meal at a really bad restaurant—especially if you were assured it was great based on travel reviews. Let’s be honest, unless you’ve been there yourself, or got recommendations from someone you trust who was, it’s really just a guessing game when it comes to restaurants in Europe.

But you don’t have to guess when you’re on an escorted tour. All your meals are arranged at reputable restaurants designed to give you a pleasant and authentic experience. And if you need any special dietary requests, it’s all handled for you in advance. You don’t need to worry about getting a plate of pasta on your gluten-free diet.


Ready to plan your adventure?

We have escorted tours perfect for travelers of any age to all your favorite European cities. Why not request a brochure today and put some plans in motion for the European vacation of a lifetime.

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Make More Memories in Fewer Miles: The Beauty of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland


Ever wanted to travel throughout multiple countries in Europe, but found the logistics too much to bear? Visiting two or more countries usually means lots of travel, which takes time and money.

But what if you could see four of Europe’s most beautiful countries in only 15 days? That’s right, you can see Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein in just over a fortnight.

And forget wasted travel days—you’ll be spending at least two nights at each of your hotels, getting to immerse yourself in the culture, and seeing many different spectacular sights along the way.

Take a look at a few of the dreamy locations you’ll be enjoying during your trip:


From the Middle Ages to World War II, history abounds in the Franconian Wine Region.

Make More Memories in Fewer Miles: The Beauty of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

You can’t visit Europe without stumbling upon historical sites, cities, and landmarks. In fact, it’s one of the things about Europe that is so special—just how much history the continent holds.

Start your European tour off in Franconia, known for its high quality wines, especially white varieties. Silvaner is a local favorite. This peachy and apricot wine is soft and smooth. Another white variety to try is Bacchus. It’s known as “wine for women” because of its highly aromatic nature—think honied florals.

But there’s more than just vineyards to see here. The city of Nuremberg lies within Franconia, known for its famous “trials” after World War II. During the war, Nuremberg was the location of the Nazi Parade grounds, which can still be visited. After the war, many Nazi leaders were tried and convicted here for their vicious crimes against humanity.

And for those looking for a lighter subject, the Toy Museum is always a delight!


Find out why “the hills are alive with The Sound of Music” while staying in Filzmoos.

Make More Memories in Fewer Miles: The Beauty of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Interested in seeing a city most Americans don’t even know about? Austria’s Filzmoos is a spectacular secret kept by the Europeans from foreigners. And you get to stay there for three nights to truly absorb the Austrian scenery and culture.

Although it’s primarily known as a ski and hiking town, you’ll appreciate Filzmoos’ proximity to Salzburg, the setting and filming location for The Sound of Music.

Join fellow fans of the movie-musical for a tour of the famous sights from the movie, such as the gazebo for “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” Mirabell Gardens from “Do Re Mi,” and Saint Peter’s Abbey, home to the convent where Maria originally lives.

But don’t just see where The Sound of Music was filmed—live it for yourself. Okay, maybe don’t become a nun and then a nanny for seven children, but do go out into the hills and listen to the sounds of the birds flying above, the trickling of freshwater streams, trees from the nearby forests rustling, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll hear that “sound” Maria sang of so heavenly.


Be a full-on tourist in Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol.

Make More Memories in Fewer Miles: The Beauty of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Who says you shouldn’t act like a tourist when traveling abroad? Forget blending in and take advantage of all Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, has to offer.

Host of two winter Olympics, Innsbruck is a winter sport mecca. But you don’t have to ski or snowboard to enjoy the wonders of this village which is bisected by a river and majestically surrounded by mountain peaks.

Innsbruck’s most famous landmark is the Golden Roof. It’s amazing how a simple roof over a balcony could be so impressive. Built in 1500, the roof is covered in 2,657 copper tiles gilded with six kilos of gold. While it was once used for royalty, these days it’s the perfect place to be a tourist.

Another sought-out sight in Innsbruck is the exquisite Imperial Church. This cathedral holds the tomb of Emperor Maximilian and 28 bronze figures of his ancestors, overlooking him. And don’t miss the intricate carvings of his life surrounding the exterior of his tomb.

Finally, Innsbruck is a great place for souvenirs. Peruse the spectacular showrooms of Swarovski Crystal, with magnificent displays meant for viewing only, as well as jewelry and miniature figurines you can purchase to take home with you. Or stop by Grassmayr for one of their famous bells. If nothing else, at least stop by to ring one!


Shout “yodel-ay-hee-hoo” from atop the Swiss Alps.

Make More Memories in Fewer Miles: The Beauty of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

You don’t have to be a mountain climber to reach the summit of the Stanserhorn. Take the world’s only open top cable car up to the mountain-top terrace and restaurant for stunning scenery and the chance to yodel to those below.

After your adventure up the mountain and back down, head a few miles further to Lucerne, known for its lovely lake.

Lucerne is spectacle to see. Amidst mountain peaks lies this pristine lake, followed by a city featuring both the old and new. Those who appreciate historical architecture and antiques will enjoy touring the well-preserved medieval Altstadt (Old Town), while those looking for more contemporary activities will want to hit the shops and restaurants.

Another can’t-miss activity is a scenic cruise on Lake Lucerne. An old-fashioned steamer will take you around the lake to see stunning views, both natural and man-made. You will not believe some of the homes on the lake’s shores. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, anyone?


Learn about Cuckoo Clocks in the Fairy Tale Setting of the Black Forest

Make More Memories in Fewer Miles: The Beauty of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Spend a few nights in the fairy tale setting of the Black Forest, the area that inspired the Brothers Grimm in their story of Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. There is a special magic about the Black Forest – the forested hills and rustic villages make you feel as if you have taken a journey back in time.

Triberg, home of the World’s largest Cuckoo Clock is a good place to learn more about the inner workings of these hand carved clocks. The Schwarzwald Museum provides insight into the history and culture of the Black Forest. Did you know that Germany’s highest waterfall is located in Triberg?


End your journey with fun festivities in Rudesheim.

Make More Memories in Fewer Miles: The Beauty of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
(c) Skaja Lee

Toast to the end of your trip with a glass of sekt, a sparkling white wine from the Rudesheim region of Germany. Or if sparkling wines aren’t your thing, have a glass of brandy instead, also produced throughout the region.

Escape into a German storybook in Drosselgasse, a cobbled street filled with historical buildings, shops, and restaurants. As you walk the centuries-old streets, listen for traditional music coming from the bars. The classic German culture from fairy tales and movies can’t be contained by walls.

And if the thought of fairy tales excites you, be sure to take a river cruise on the Rhine. You’ll cruise past medieval fortresses, enchanting villages, and hillside vineyards on a Rhine River Steamer, followed by a guided tour of the unique Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum.

End the day with a cable car ride up to the Niederwald Monument, a must-see landmark in Rudesheim, complete with beautiful views of the Rhine Valley.


Flying in and out of Frankfurt makes for efficient travel.

Make More Memories in Fewer Miles: The Beauty of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland FRANKFURT, GERMANY – MAY 21, 2011: Empty Lufthansa aircraft standing on the handling ramp expecting boarding at Frankfurt/Main airport on May 21, 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Can you believe you’ve made a circle, starting from Frankfurt, down through Bavaria, on to Austria, then Liechtenstein and Switzerland, only to make it back to Germany? This way, you can fly in and out of Frankfurt, making your travel plans much more efficient.

Flying in and out of the same airport adds a sense of familiarity. You’ve already walked through these terminals at least once, so you’ll have an easier time finding your flight.

If you book your tour with a travel company, you’ll also have the guidance of your tour operator should any unforeseen needs come up.


Your European adventure awaits…

Thrilled to find out it’s super easy to see multiple European countries in one easy trip? We’d love to have you on one of our tours. Fill in a few brief questions here to get your travel plans started today.

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